Ways to Come

Best way to come to the island is to:

a) fly directly to Athens and then take HighSpeed Ferry from Piraeus port at 07:15 arrival to Koufonissi at 12:10. Or,
b) fly early to Mykonos and then take Seajet2 from Mykonos port at 15:20 arrival to Koufonissi at 16:50.

 Below we present possible ways to come to the island …

Via Athens

1. From 20/6/2016 till 07/9/2016 EVERYDAY by “Highspeed 4” ferry from Piraeus port (www.hellenicseaways.gr)
Piraeus departure: 07.15 am     Koufonissi arrival: 12:15 pm
The same ship returns from Koufonissi everyday at 15:55 and arrives back to Piraeus at 21:00.

2. By “Superjet” from Rafina port (everyday except Friday and Sunday)
Rafina departure: 15:45 pm    Koufonissi arrival: 19:40 pm 

On Saturday departure 17:00 pm Koufonissi arrival at 20:40 pm

And for your return:
from Koufonissi departure at 10:50 am to Rafina port arrival at 14:40 Monday to Friday
from Koufonissi departure at 12:10 pm to Rafina port arrival at 16:15 on Saturday and
from Koufonissi departure at 10:20 to Rafina port arrival at 14:10 on Sunday

3. By flight from Athens El. Venizelos airport to Naxos (look at the detailed information)
For all possible ways Via Athens look at the detailed information!

Via Mykonos

There are many direct flights from main Europe cities to Mykonos or Santorini. (London, Berlin, Geneve, Manchester, Milan, Rome etc.)
Therefore you can fly to Mykonos and according to your arrival time you can get:


18:15 19:40 (from 16/06 to 11/09/2016 everyday except Friday & Sunday)
09:40 11:50 On Saturday
19:20 20:40 On Saturday

2. You could also get to Naxos. There are many ways. For example MEGAJET departure at 13:50 from Mykonos and arrival at 15:15 to Naxos. Then you can come to Koufonissi by taxi and kaique in 1h. 30 min, therefore arrival time to Koufonissi 16:45. (There is a 24 hours service from Naxos to Koufonissi and viceversa- we can arrange this) or

3. There is always the possibility to arrange private boat for customers upon their request, from Mykonos to Koufonissi and viceversa. So, anytime you arrive to Mykonos, the private Boat will be ready to bring you immediately to Koufonissi.We can give you the e-mail of this boat company if you like to contact them directly.

Returning back from Koufonissi to Mykonos is very fast and easy. Everyday from Koufonissi there is “Superjet” to Mykonos.


10:50 12:05 Monday to Friday
12:10 11:50 On Saturday
10:20 20:40 On Sunday

For all possible ways Via Mykonos look at the detailed information!

Cruises on Koufonissia

  1. Prıvate cruise to the island’s beaches, caves, to Kato Koufonissi and Glaronissi with Captain Prasinos. Tel. +30-22850-71438
  2. Daily transportatıon from the port to the island beaches and to Kato Koufonissi. 

Our suggestion:
If you go to Kato Koufonissi and want to eat fish soup at the taverna, order it the previous day. The fish is served separately. Portions are very large: then if you order for example soup for 6 people ask for fish just 3-4 portions. You’ll pay for 3-4 portions of fish.

...more information about Cruises

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